Our Process

actionplan2Our priority is to give you the best service and best results possible. That’s why we follow a process (well-defined yet flexible) to get consistent, quality results for you.

  1. You’re shopping around and decide to use a professional organizer. Our website gives you lots of useful information to help you decide.
  2. Your initial contact with us starts our conversation.
  3. Next we schedule an assessment on site which lasts from 1-2 hours.  We visit the space(s) you are concerned about, ask questions, listen closely.
  4. Then we develop an Action Plan including time and cost estimates. It’s a detailed plan, by area, of what we can do for you. It’s fun and you’ll probably learn some useful things.
  5. Next, we will review organizing session plans.
    1. We offer hourly rates or pre-paid packages.  Pre-paid packages are a better deal, but both are affordable.
  6. YOU DECIDE if and when we begin. The paperwork is ready when you are.
  7. Then we schedule time for the work!

That’s how it generally goes. If you have special needs, we are happy to address them.